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6 weeks-10 months

            In the infant one room at Love’s Learning Loft, you will find babies ages 6 weeks to 12 months. State ratios are followed by having one teacher to five babies, or two teachers to twelve babies. Schedules given by parents are written down, posted and followed daily. Teachers write weekly lesson plans that align with the current state standards along with the Creative Curriculum. Teachers also write individual child plans to focus on the individual needs of the children. Parents are included in the learning process and their child’s development as teachers develop goals individualized to the child, suggested by the parents. In the infant one room our teachers spend each day teaching with love, compassion and patience. 

Kindergarten Classroom

Infants 2

12 months (Mobile)-18 months
Ratio: 1:5, 2:12

In Infant two we are on the move! This is an exciting time for each child to start exploring. From not being able to lift their head up only a few months ago to crawling on their own to eventually walking. There is also another big change happening in this room and that is going from drinking bottles to eating table foods. Here we work side by side with the parents through these changes while providing a safe environment for them to explore. Teachers will also follow a lesson plan which includes reading stories, doing art projects, using sign language, and much more.

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