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Kindergarten Classroom


3-4 years

In the preschool classrooms at Love’s Learning Loft, you will find children ages 3 to 4. We do have multiple preschool rooms, but they are mixed ages and teach the same curriculum. The preschool classrooms follow the center schedule of 9 am breakfast, 12pm lunch, 1-3 naptime and afternoon snack at 3. Each preschool room has a posted daily schedule that incorporates circle time, reading, art, small and large group activities and cognitive and physical development. If at any time a change is made to the daily the schedule the teachers let parents know via the tadpoles app. Weekly lesson plans are created using the Creative Curriculum and align with the current state standards and Step Up to Quality expectations. Ratio in the preschool room is 1 teacher to 12 children or 2 teachers to 24 children. Children are expected to be potty trained upon entering the preschool program. In rare exceptions pull-ups are checked every two hours and potty-training schedules are followed.

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