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Kindergarten Classroom



In our Pre-K program at Love’s Learning Loft, you will find children ages 4-5 years old. Children typically transition from preschool to pre-k in August and spend the school year getting ready for kindergarten in the fall. Our pre-k teachers develop weekly lesson plans that align with the state standards and Step Up to Quality expectations. The pre-k classrooms follow the center schedule of 9 am breakfast, 12pm lunch, 1-3 naptime and afternoon snack at 3. Each preschool room has a posted daily schedule that incorporates circle time, reading, art, small and large group activities and cognitive and physical development. If at any time a change is made to the daily the schedule the teachers let parents know via the tadpoles app. Children must be potty-trained to enter our pre-k classrooms. Ratio is 1 teacher to 14 children, or 2 teachers to 28 children.

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